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McKinney Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Jason K. Burress and Burress Law are dedicated to serving as the trusted, go-to McKinney motor vehicle accident lawyer for victims who have been seriously injured or killed due to the fault or negligence of another driver.

Data from the Texas Department of Transportation underscores just how common auto accidents are throughout the state. Statistics show that a reportable crash occurs on Texas roads every 59 seconds, with an injury-related accident occurring about every two minutes. Who causes those accidents? In most cases, the negligent actions of an irresponsible driver (i.e. reckless, drunk, distracted driving, speeding) is to blame.

When you are injured because of another person or party’s negligent actions, Burress Law’s experienced team will hold those parties accountable and work tirelessly to recover full McKinney motor vehicle accident compensation.

A motor vehicle injury lawyer in McKinney TX who knows the value of your case

Burress Personal Injury Law provides close, personal attention and guidance to accident victims. We provide access to top quality medical care that you need in order to fully heal. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on forcing the auto insurance companies to pay the full value of your claim. When they refuse, we gladly take the case to trial.

As the leading motor vehicle accident lawyer in McKinney TX, Burress Law offers the personalized touch that each client needs. We are unlike many other attorneys whose business model centers on handling a high volume of cases. Our large staff to case ratio and specialized approach allows us to provide the diligent, individualized attention that each accident claim requires. Burress Law gets to know our clients; you are not just another number to our team. We have a well-deserved reputation of winning cases in trial and out of trial. We insist on forcing the auto insurance companies to pay full value on our clients’ cases, which maximizes your motor vehicle accident compensation in McKinney TX.

Consult with a McKinney motor vehicle accident lawyer about your case

The insurance companies will waste little time contacting you and attempting to get a recorded statement. Do not fall victim to their schemes. Their questions are designed to trip you up on fault issues and to limit your injuries, thereby pressuring you into taking an unfairly small settlement for your McKinney motor vehicle accident compensation. Instead, connect with Burress Law as soon as possible to discuss your case. We will deal with the insurance companies so that you can focus on fully recovering from your injuries.

As an award-winning McKinney motor vehicle accident lawyer, Burress Personal Injury Law has successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for victims of all types of car, motorcycle and 18-wheeler accidents. We are ready to put our vast experience to work as your trusted personal injury attorney.


Car accident resulting in minor traumatic brain injury. 7th largest Motor Vehicle Accident verdict in Texas for 2015.


18-wheeler fatality. All details of this settlement remain confidential.


All details of the settlement remain confidential


18-wheeler to passenger car accident caused by distracted truck driver


18-wheeler wreck caused by careless truck driver