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Helping Burn Victims Rebuild Their Lives

Severe burns require extensive medical treatment and a lengthy, excruciating rehabilitation process. Burns often leave severe and permanent scars, which in turn can cause mental and emotional distress.

Burn injuries can have many different causes, from gas explosions in a workplace or industrial setting, to house fires, campfires or even spills by oil or other hot liquids. In any of these or other situations, it is essential to enlist the services of lawyers who are fully invested in helping you recover maximum compensation.

At Burress Law PLLC, our attorneys understand these complicated matters. We draw on years of experience representing injured people who have suffered catastrophic injuries, including burns.

Striving to Help Burn Victims Meet Their Long-Term Financial Needs

Burn injuries can cause extensive muscle damage, the loss of limbs, fingers or toes and scars. These injuries can require multiple surgeries and other medical procedures. In many cases, it may not be possible for a burn injury victim to return to work. It is therefore crucial that your personal injury lawyers know how to build a case that accounts for the damages you will need immediately, and for the years to come.

These types of cases are where our law firm excels. Our attorneys work with fire and explosion experts who can assist in our investigation of the fire or explosion that caused your injuries. Through our investigation, we will pinpoint every party who is liable for your injuries, and work to achieve a full financial recovery for you.

A Record of Success in the Courtroom

The costs associated with a burn injury can be staggering. For these and other reasons, insurance companies are generally willing to go to great lengths to minimize what they pay in compensation. For this and other reasons, your lawyers must be willing and able to present a compelling case at trial. We are trial lawyers who prepare every case knowing that trial is a possibility. As a result, we are fully prepared for all scenarios.

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All details of the settlement remain confidential


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