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Holding Bars and Restaurants Accountable for Drunk Driving Injuries

While drunk driving fatalities and injuries have declined substantially over the past few decades, the fact remains that drunk drivers still kill and injure others. According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 9,967 people were killed in drunk driving accidents in 2014, with tens of thousands more people injured.

In the aftermath of an accident caused by a drunk driver, you are likely to have many questions. Perhaps the most pressing question is: Who will pay for my damages? The lawyer you select to represent you can make a dramatic impact. Choose wisely. Our attorneys, Jason Burress have earned tremendous results for the families of loved ones killed as well as injured victims in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including wrecks caused by drunk drivers.

Identifying Every Source of Compensation to Make You Financially Whole

Any person who makes the reckless decision to drive drunk should not only be held criminally responsible, but should also face civil justice. Many times, drunk drivers are covered by significant insurance policies which can help injured victims. Additionally, they may have nonexempt assets that can be recovered on top of insurance policies. A skilled personal injury attorney must find every potentially liable party in order to allow a client to earn a full financial recovery.

For people injured by drunk drivers, dram shop laws are one way to ensure that victims recover the compensation they need. In addition to recovering from a drunk driver, under Texas’ dram shop laws, bars and restaurants that knowingly serve alcohol to “obviously intoxicated” individuals can be held financially responsible when these individuals later drive drunk and injure or kill someone. Texas also has a “social host” law that applies to homeowners who knowingly serve minors who then cause an accident.

Overcoming any Obstacles in Your Path

Dram shop cases, like any other personal injury claim, can be very complicated. Restaurant and bar owners, along with their insurers, will go to great lengths to deny liability. With a record of success in personal injury and wrongful death litigation, we are more than up for this challenge. We will look carefully at the drunk driver’s activities the night in question, finding receipts, interviewing witnesses and finding any evidence to show that the drunk driver was knowingly over served. With this evidence in hand, we will then build a powerful case that gives you the opportunity for successful settlement negotiations or in trial if necessary.

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Car accident resulting in minor traumatic brain injury. 7th largest Motor Vehicle Accident verdict in Texas for 2015.


18-wheeler fatality. All details of this settlement remain confidential.


All details of the settlement remain confidential


18-wheeler to passenger car accident caused by distracted truck driver


18-wheeler wreck caused by careless truck driver